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  1. At Montréal’s Olympic Village and Botanical Gardens

    posted by Rebecca Keenan | 0 Comments

    At Montréal’s Olympic Village and Botanical Gardens


    This morning I left the HI-Montréal early and headed out to the city’s Olympic Village which was built for the 1976 summer Olympics.

    Here you’ll find the Montréal Tower, which is apparently the highest inclined tower in the world. I took the funicular to the top of the tower and, even though the weather wasn’t great, I still got some great views out of across the city including an interesting look at Mont Royal. Shrouded in cloud, it really was a pretty cool sight.

    After that, I went to check out the Botanical Gardens which are close by. You can visit the outer gardens for free but to get into the main area, there’s an admission fee. It’s definitely worth paying this fee to get in as there’s lots to see inside including a Chinese garden, a Japanese garden, lots of roses, fountains and plenty more.

    At the moment, they also have paper lanterns hung all around the gardens, making for some great photo opportunities.

    Having checked out these attractions, I went to visit one of Montréal’s coolest neighbourhoods, the Gay Village.

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