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  1. At the US Open – my first visit to a ‘major’

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    At the US Open – my first visit to a ‘major’


    This entire trip has been a last minute one, but when I found out a couple of weeks ago when I booked my flights that the US Open was going to be out in Flushing Meadows I thought I simply had to go.

    Last night I did just that. I saw two matches. The first was Kim Clijsters against an Aussie called Sally Peers and the second was Andy Roddick versus Janko Tipsarevic . While Ms Clijsters won her game, Mr Roddick unfortunately didn’t.

    It was nice to be at a major sports tournament. It’s easy to get to also. But one thing which I felt was a tiny bit strange was how late it goes on until. The Roddick v Tipsarevic didn’t finish until after midnight.

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