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  1. Bar hopping in Bariloche

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    Last night myself and my friend Richie did a small bit of bar hopping here in Bariloche. We visited the following bars…

    South Bar (Av. Juramento 30): Bariloche’s attempt at an Irish bar. If you haven’t caught up enough with your travel buddies over the 20-hour bus journey to get you to Bariloche, this is the place to do it. It can get smoky though.

    Mala Bar (across the road from South Bar): If you thought it can get smoky in South Bar you ain’t seen nothing yet...In saying that, this tiny bar is extremely popular.

    Wilkenny (San Martín 435): By far the most popular ‘backpacker bar’ in Bariloche, this attracts those from all the hostels here and is arguably the liveliest place in town.

    I’ll be honest here folks – we didn’t have just one drink in each bar. We had, well, more than one. In saying that I’m not feeling that bad today which is good as we’re renting a car. Oh yeah!


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