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  1. Bath’s parks, perfect for a stroll

    posted by Rebecca Keenan | 0 Comments

    Bath’s parks, perfect for a stroll


    After lunch, I thought it would be a good idea to go for a stroll in some of Bath’s beautiful green parks. First up was the Royal Victoria Park and on the way there I also visited the Circus and the Royal Crescent.

    These are some of the most impressive areas of Bath in terms of architecture as you can see from the picture here. They’re still used mostly as residential spaces today but you can visit Number 1 Royal Crescent to get a real feel for what these stunning houses look like on the inside.

    The Royal Victoria Park is a wide expanse of green, dotted with flowerbeds and benches where you can take a seat and watch the world go by. It’s also home to Bath’s lovely Botanical Gardens. While you’re there, make sure to check out the park gates, one of which is topped by statues of sphinxes.

    After that, I headed over to the Sydney Gardens, which are also a great spot for a stroll. So if you do want to get away from the city centre for a while, there are some great options!

    Now I’m off for dinner at one of the pubs nearby. It’s a vegetarian pub I hear, which is pretty cool! After that, there are a couple of bars I’m going to check out!

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