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  1. Beaches, bars and casino security

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    Beaches, bars and casino security


    I called the taxi service recommended by the guys at Mossel Bay Backpackers and was picked up in moments. Told the driver what I was up to and worked out a plan for getting to a couple of places a little bit outside of town.

    First stop was Dias Beach which is about 10 minutes drive from town. Here I got out and the driver went off to do another job while I got some work done.

    The beach here is amazing, a long sandy stretch that's perfect for strolling along or sunbathing. The water's pretty excellent too and some people were out frolicking in the waves. Better still, there's a cocktail bar called Pirates Tower right on the beach so you don't have to go far for a drink.

    After I got picked up again it was off to the Casino, which is also 10 minutes drive from town just in a different direction. I was once again glad to have one of my cards with me as it really helped things along when I was trying to get some pics and video. For security reasons, I could get neither inside, but they showed me around. It was still pretty early but there were quite a few people already gambling away. The security guard accompanied me outside to film and take pictures then it was back in the cab and back to town.

    This evening I was in the mood for pizza so I headed for Delfinos at the Point. I wasn't disappointed in my meal as I had an excellent pizza (the Hawaiian with extra mushrooms). It was a huge pizza even though it was a medium and I tried valiantly to finish it all but in the end it defeated me. They packed it up for me though so if I get a fit of the nibbles later I may indeed finish it after all. Definitely something to keep in mind when ordering food in South Africa, they do big portions!

    After that it was time to check out some bars. At Big Blu I heard about their awesome Wednesday Madness offer where lots of drinks are almost half price. Pity I was a day early! In Trawlers, I spoke with a bunch of locals who joked about being caught in one of my pics of the bar and across the road at Patrick's I was welcomed by yet another awesome crowd.

    So a good day all round here in Mossel Bay! Back in the hostel, I ran into the owner of White Shark Africa and the owner of Go Fish, two really nice guys! The owner of White Shark Africa (the company who I'll be going on the shark cage dive trip with tomorrow) was telling me his wife is from my part of Ireland which is yet another example of how we Irish really do get everywhere!

    I've found out that my date with Jaws (as Colm put it!) is set for 9.30am tomorrow. I'm really excited! White sharks are amazing creatures and getting the chance to actually see them in the wild is pretty mind-blowing. Are we gonna need a bigger boat? Nah!

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