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  1. Berlin's Street-food Guide

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    Berlin's Street-food Guide


    In this guest post, EuroCheapo's Berlin correspondent Molly Hannon shares her favourite spots for delicious and cheap street food in the German capital. EuroCheapo is a guide to budget hotels in Berlin and in Europe's most popular cities. EuroCheapo's editors visit and inspect affordable places to sleep and only recommend the very best. Follow them on Facebook and on Twitter.

    Berlin has much to entice the intrepid epicurean. Its street food culture, in particular, boasts some serious heavyweights, whose easy accessibility and low cost are not their only virtues. Rather, they demonstrate Berlin's ability to take something simple and stamp it with its own unique flavor, offering a window or more appropriately, a bite of its rich and evolving flavor.


    Berlin is home to the second-largest Turkish population in the world, making this culture's food more a norm than an exotic delicacy. In particular, the doner kebab has become a fixture of Berlin's street food culture.

    Its sating affect and low cost makes it an amiable mealtime companion - one whose easy accessibility make it more popular than any fast food joint. This, however, does not always ensure a quality kebab and after you have consumed a few too many sub-par iterations, it might be time to reroute your doner compass. Head to Mustafa's, located on Mehringdamm which, without fail, has a long line - further evidence that this is no doner front. Although the doner kebab is Mustafa's main draw, there are some other delectable options, such as homemade falafels and even mint tea, which can help facilitate the sometimes laborious doner digestion.

    Location: Mehringdamm 32, 10961 Berlin

    Curry 36

    At its core, currywurst is a simple street food - something you eat while standing up, on-the-go, or late at night after a few too many beers. A true Berliner original, the dish is attributed to a resourceful German housewife, Herta Heuwer. She traded some spirits with British soldiers in exchange for ketchup and spices in 1949. The trade inspired the dish; currywurst is composed of German sausage, or wurst, sliced and drizzled in ketchup and sprinkled with curry powder.

    A veteran of Berlin's street food culture, it - much like the ubiquitous doner - is easily available. If you have a penchant for currywurst, nostalgia for an American hot dog, or are simply curious about this spiced sausage, then head to Curry 36, located on Mehringdamm - conveniently next door to the other imbiss king, Mustafa's. You can sate yourself twice at these two hotspots.

    Location: Mehringdamm 36, 10961 Berlin

    Tacos Berlin

    The taco, that hand-held Mexican corn tortilla staple, has in recent years gone mobile. Recently, the taco truck craze has swept through the States.

    Now, it has hit the graffiti-covered streets of Germany's capital. Located in Neukolln, Tacos Berlin is the spiciest taco truck in town. Their menu is simple with a strong emphasis on local, quality produce. Everything is homemade, from the corn tortillas to the salsa verde. Their culinary offerings vary seasonally, but usually consist of three staple items: traditional-style tacos stuffed with chicken or beef on a homemade corn tortilla and topped with fresh salsa verde; burritos bursting with flavor; and the colorful taco Teller (plate). Items can be vegetarian or vegan upon request, pleasing all palates and making it the perfect companion to summer picnicking in the park.

    Fritz and Co.

    Fritz and Co.'s Belgium-style fries will immediately transport you to Brussels's rich food culture. Located in Schoenberg's Wittenberg Platz, Fritz's menu relies on a steady stock of bio ingredients - elevating it above the normal greasy street food often found in large cosmopolitan cities. Its homemade malt vinegar sauces make its hand-cuts fries even more delectable, stamping it with its trademark Fritz flavor. A favorite amongst locals and french fries aficionados, it is an above-average food stall - and certainly a visit.

    Location: Ecke Bayreuther Strasse, 10789 Berlin

    Das Huhnerhaus

    Rotisserie racks are a common feature of the vibrant Kreuzberg and Neukolln neighborhoods. There is a reason why chicken continues to reign supreme and the succulent huhners of Das Huhnerhaus, located near Gorlitzer Park's entrance, are proof that this is no Colonel Sanders conspiracy.

    The popular kiosk has attracted a cult-like following with its juicy spinning chickens luring in locals with its savory whiffs of roasted garlic that perfume the air. Served with hand-cut fries, zesty side salads, and warm flatbread all at an unbeatable price, will quickly convert you to the cause.

    Location: Gorlitzer Str. 1, 10997 Berlin

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