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  1. Best travel debate longlist

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    The longlist for our Best Travel Debate category in the Hostelworld Travel Story Awards 2013 is ready, and here are the lucky nominees.

    We asked you to nominate “A post putting forth a strong opinion from a passionate and convincing point of view that invites debate” and you showed us some of the most interesting opinions in travel right now.

    The top 15 posts that set up the most engaging discussion are below, with their reasons for nomination. And don’t forget…

    - Voting for the Best Travel Debate will open on December 11th.

    - We’ll announce the final shortlist of five on the first day of voting.

    - The blogger with the most votes will be revealed in January, and will win a week’s free accommodation from Hostelworld

    Best Travel Debate Longlist: the Top 15 Nominations

    Tourist 2 Townie

    An Explorer’s Dilemma

    “The great debate of travel vs. relationships.”

    Flora the Explorer

    Volunteering with Children Abroad: the Issues

    “I thought this was a fantastic insight into volunteering and how it can affect children.”

    Around the World in 80 Jobs

    The Curious Case of Tiger Temple: A Month Long Volunteering Experiment

    “Volunteering at the most controversial tourist attraction in all of Southeast Asia to discover my own truth about Tiger Temple.”

    The Planet D

    Eating Whale in Greenland

    “Definitely a hot topic. Whale is endangered yet in places like Greenland and Iceland, it is eaten by locals, would you try it?”

    Adventurous Kate

    Cambodia has Changed, and not for the Better

    “Discussing the dangers of Cambodia is a pretty controversial topic - most people have strong feelings on either side.”


    Polish Prostitutes – Meet The Forest Whores Outside of Warsaw

    "This post caused much debate on using photos of and writing about street workers in Poland."

    Travel Freak

    Why Bangkok isn’t Good for Anything Other than Drinking and Having Sex

    “Controversial post.”

    Around the World in Eighty Years

    Should Foreigners Pay More?

    “Should Foreigners Pay More?”

    Just One Way Ticket

    Why I’m Probably the Worst Travel Blogger Ever (+10 Tips For Getting Better)

    “You don’t need to it the way like everybody does in order to become successful.”

    The Great Affair

    Notes on Traveling Alone as a Woman in India

    No reason given. We love it anyway.

    Time Travel Turtle

    The lake swamped with tourism

    “This post created a lot of debate about whether tourism was a good or a bad thing for the Inle Lake area of Myanmar. The issue is whether what is happening is good in the long term for locals and visitors alike.”

    The Longest Way Home

    Has Lonely Planet lost its way?

    “I look at how lonely planet was badly handled by the BBC and then sold on.”

    Nomadic Matt

    Why Tourists Ruin the Places They Visit

    No reason given. We love it anyway.

    Mapping Megan

    Travel Boycott on Russia?

    “This article sparked debate after it suggested that instead of Boycotting the Olympics/travel to Russia due to their ban on homosexuality, we should instead respect their cultural choices.”

    The Most Alive

    Travel In Egypt: Go Fuck Yourself

    “It would be hard to find a travel blog post this year that caused as much of a stir as this one. The writer takes on Egypt's sexual harassment issues in the manner it deserves.”

    Congratulations to all nominees!

    Stay tuned for the rest of our Travel Story Award category longlists, coming soon:

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