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    With less than two weeks to go until voting begins for the first ever Travel Story Awards 2013, the pressure is on for our judges to choose the strongest nominations. It’s just so difficult…

    The nominees for Best Travel Video were among the strongest of all the entries, and it was great to get a taste of all the awesome places you’ve seen. We asked you to show us “A video that tells a great story, whether it focusses on a destination, full trip or a particular travel theme” and you blew us away….

    Here’s who made it into the top 15 and why. And remember:

    - Voting for Best Travel Video will open on December 11th.

    - The top 15 nominees are below, and we’ll be announcing the final shortlist of five on the first day of voting.

    - The blogger with the most votes will be revealed in January, and will win a week’s free accommodation from Hostelworld.

    Best Travel Video Longlist: the Top 15 Nominations

    Vincent Urban


    “Amazing scenery of Morocco, with great timelapse shots showing the history and heritage of Morocco - from the deserts to the markets.”

    This World Rocks

    45 Cities In 6 Months: A Tour Of Asia And Oceania

    "Six months of travel narrowed down to the best seven minutes."

    Aaron Mendez

    3 Days in Dubai

    “This video inspires me to branch out and see new and foreign places.”

    Backpacks and Bunk beds

    Laos and Cambodia in Video. My Office Escape.

    “Highlights that travel and incredible experiences are still possible for the with a 9-5.”


    Biking the Death Road in La Paz, Bolivia: the video

    “Adventurous bike riding in Bolivia.”

    Audrey Bergner

    Visiting Petra

    “It showcases the beauty of this lost city.”

    GQ Trippin

    GQ Trippin Around The World

    “A whole 1-year RTW in 3 minutes.”

    Tourist 2 Townie

    Travel Deeper - Guatemala

    “It is the story of one man who moved to Guatemala to volunteer and develop relationships with locals. It is everything travel should be about.”

    Wander The Map

    Iceland: The Land of Fire and Ice

    No reason given. We love it anyway.

    Travel Vox

    Traveling In Ireland

    No reason given. We love it anyway.

    The Travel Vlogger

    What to do in Costa Brava

    “Fun, high quality and educational…pretty much a trifecta.”

    Tradgedy and Hope

    What If Money Was No Object?

    “Wise words by Alan Watts.”

    Heather on Her Travels

    Walking the Tour de Mont Blanc

    “My video diary from my third year walking part of the Tour de Mont Blanc in the Alps.”

    Marco Giovanelli

    Six Months Walking in Asia

    “Amazing, fun concept, inspires you to travel!”

    Lea et Nicolas Features

    Fragments of Iceland

    No reason given. We love it anyway.

    Congratulations to all nominees!

    Stay tuned for the rest of our Travel Story Award category longlists, coming soon:

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