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  1. Bricks - this week's #FriFotos theme

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    Every Tuesday Jonathan Epstein, aka @EpsteinTravels, announces the theme for #FriFotos - a weekly forum on Twitter where people share photos that match the theme. This week the theme is bricks, so over the last week I've been trawling through our photos to pick my favourite images where bricks are evident. Here are the best of the bunch...

    Endless bricks create the most famous wall in the world

    I'll never forget the day I visited the Great Wall of China. Ever. It was one of those 'wow' moments. You can see why - a vista of endless bricks and mountains to literally leave you breathless.

    A typical building in the West Village, Manhattan

    I love New York City. I love it for many reasons. One of them is the neighbourhoods. The last time I was there, in the space of 90 minutes I walked from Chinatown up to Little Italy, across to Soho, then into Greenwich Village, over to the West Village before ending up in the Meatpacking District. It was in the West Village that I took this shot - a staircase covering the red bricks of one of its many residential buildings.

    The colourful bricks of Ribeira neighbourhood, Porto

    After Lisbon, Porto is Portugal's best known city. I visited it for the first time only three weeks ago for a travel blogging conference. I can't take the credit for this photo though - it was taken by ex-Hostelworlder Rebecca Keenan when she was there to get content for our free pocket guide and, of course, great photos like this one.

    An iconic street sign in an iconic city

    Just like I love New York City, I love London also. It's such an iconic city, where the brick walls are decorated with street signs like this one.

    A striking sign for one of the world's most moving museums

    Johannesburg's Apartheid Museum is one of the most encapsulating and moving museums in the world. From the second you see the black and white words 'Apartheid Museum' on the red bricks at the front of the building, you know you'll never forget what is a harsh reminder of how life was in South Africa not so long ago.

    Doge's Palace, Venice

    Doge's Palace is one of Venice's most striking buildings, which is largely due to the mix of white, beige and brown bricks that make it's stunning facade.

    Taking down the bricks of the Berlin Wall - a mural

    One of Berlin's top attractions is the East Side Gallery - a segment of the Berlin Wall that is decorated by murals like this one - a mural of the city's residents taking down the Berlin Wall, brick by brick.

    Graffiti on the walls of Venice Beach, Los Angeles

    I've been to some eclectic neighbourhoods over the years, but nowhere like Venice Beach in Los Angeles. It's home to some of the most unusual and colourful characters I've ever witnessed. It's also home to walls where the bricks are covered in graffiti, just like this one.

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