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  1. Bridge Climb Sydney - An experience not to be missed

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    Bridge Climb Sydney - An experience not to be missed


    Sydney is my favourite city in the world - no question. This is probably because I lived there for a year and have been back twice since. But another reason is that, while I was living there, every time I went down to Circular Quay I felt I was on my holidays, even though I called it 'home' at the time. That's thanks to two landmarks - the iconic Sydney Opera House, and the equally iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. Now, thanks to 'Bridge Climb Sydney', you can climb it.

    I was lucky enough to climb to the top of it on a recent trip there in December 2010 to film it for a video called "10 things you need to know about Sydney" which will be live on the site soon. Accompanying me was a very good friend and camerawoman for the day Michele 'Minnie' Egan, and Melanie Duchamp, our tour guide.

    While the climb normally takes three and a half hours (we did the 'classic' climb but there are three to choose from), Melanie appreciated that a journalist's time is precious. As a result, she had us up and down in less than two and a half. This didn't take away from the enjoyment though, or from what we learnt. On the climb I learnt that it took over eight years to build, that it has over one million rivets and a whole lot more.

    I have some memorable days in my life, and this is right up there with them. The sun was shining, the views were breathtaking, Melanie was particularly informative, and I got to do the climb with a good friend (I normally do these sort of things on my own). As this was a 'day at the office', I thought life was particularly good that day.

    Embarking on a bridge climb will set you back a few quid as we'd say in Ireland. But I can say without any hesitation that it's worth every cent. So if you're in the process of planning a trip to Sydney and are figuring out your budget, take a look at Bridge Climb Sydney's website, see what climb you'd like to do most, note how much it costs and factor a climb into your spending.

    >> To book Bridge Climb Sydney visit their official site

    Disclaimer: Colm climbed Sydney Harbour Bridge as a guest of Bridge Climb Sydney.

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