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  • Calling backpackers of the world travelling to Sicily!

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  1. Calling backpackers of the world travelling to Sicily!

    posted by Colm Hanratty | 0 Comments


    Are you going to be in Sicily, and more specifically near Catania around March 20th? Would you like to meet the people who work in other hostels in the region? Would you like to spend the day enjoying different events?! Read on...

    The hostels of Catania in Sicily in Italy, are organising 'A Hostel Day' – a special event on March 20th where different hostels in the area will be hosting and enjoying a series of events . What are some of these events? They include:

    > Barbecue and discoAgora Hostel
    > Romeo and Juliet remake in Sicilian dialect on stage at their barYH Hostel Catania Ostello del Plebiscito
    > Painting and art exhibitionsC.C.Ly Hostel

    The above events will be taking place at the said hostels on March 20th, making it a great day out if you are in the area. Tickets costing just €10 can be bought at any of the hostels and with a ticket you can attend all the events in the area.

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