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  1. Camps Bay - where the cool kids hang out

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    Camps Bay - where the cool kids hang out


    Camps Bay is Cape Town’s ‘cool’ part of town. Overlooking the sea, all the bars, restaurants and nightclubs here are full of people sipping on mojitos and champagne. But I wanted to know was there anywhere somebody travelling on a budget could eat?

    Brendan from The Backpack & Africa Travel Centre where I’m staying recommended one of two restaurants. The first is, wait for it, ‘The Codfather’. I know, truly awful. But hey, it’s constantly packed, their fish is meant to be out of this world and at time of blogging they do half-price sushi before 6pm.

    The other (which is the one I opted for) was Cal’cacchio on the promenade. It’s a pizzeria that does pasta too. They take their pizzas quite seriously – some were created by celebrity chefs, you can pay extra for wheat bases and more. Starting at 45 Rand for a pizza, the most expensive one is 145 Rand. I had a ‘carne’ which had chilli, Italian sausage meat, onion and roasted peppers. It was delicious. And the Kuna Old red wine at 23 Rand per glass was extremely tasty also.

    Afterwards I went to Café Caprice which is just a few doors down. This is the trendiest bar in the bay. You can tell that by the barmen who think they’re doing you a favour by serving you and the guys wearing the Miami Vice-style white jackets. Still, it isn’t too pretentious and a beer cost just 22 Rand which is definitely cheaper than a lot of other cities around the world.

    That was last night. Today it’s a lovely clear Sunday morning. I’m just about to have my breakfast and plan out my day.

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    CampsBay.Com said on 10/02/2010 at 3:35pm

    Caprice Beer at R22, musta been a Corona. Amstel, Heineken and Peroni (Draught) are around R16 per unit Glad to hear you had a great time, you definitely didn't go to the wrong spots :) Brad

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