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  1. Cape Town's neighbourhoods

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    Cape Town's neighbourhoods


    Like every city, I like to explore the neighbourhoods. So when I was in Paris I checked out St Germain and Montmartre, and last time I was in New York I spent some time in the Lower East Side as it’s the hip place at the moment. Today I checked out two of Cape Town’s neighbourhoods.

    The fist was Bo-Kaap. I kept getting the name wrong, but then I was messing with Mia from The Backpack here, that it sounded like what a chicken does…BUCK-AWWWWP! I’m sure as you read this you’re thinking I’m a bit of an idiot, or an ‘eejit’ as we’d say back on the Emerald Isle. But I can assure you it was funny at the time.

    So Bo Kaap is one of Cape Town’s Muslim biggest neighbourhoods. It’s also one of its most colourful as you can see from the photo. It dates back to the mid-18th century and is full of cobbled streets. It’s extremely charming and a great place too for some photos.

    The other was Downtown Cape Town. This is just like any other city centre – it’s got pedestrianised streets and you can see people rushing around the place, either leaving work or going to it.

    While I’m at it I should tell you about a few other neighbourhoods here:

    Muizenberg: This is popular with surfer dudes and has some very colourful changing cabins that pop up in photos of Cape Town all the time.

    Camps Bay: Cape Town’s trendiest neighbourhood and full of people who have lots of money. This is largely due to its coastal location.

    Kalk Bay: You might pass through here on the way to Cape Point. It’s a charming village and a nice break from the busy city centre.

    City Bowl: Just on the outskirts of the city centre, a lot of hostels are here. It’s got some cool bars and restaurants around Park St and Kloof St.

    So there you go guys, if you’re coming to Cape Town try to visit at least some of these places.

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