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  1. Catching up with the 'rellies'

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    Catching up with the 'rellies'


    Many, many moons ago my grandfather’s brother moved to Australia. There, he began another set of ‘Hanrattys’, although these were to have Australian accents, a penchant for vegemite and a love of phrases such as ‘fair dinkum’ and ‘f*@kin’ oath!’

    Okay, admittedly I’m generalising with the phrases, but what I’m saying is that relations (aka ‘rellies’) of mine – another set of Hanrattys – live all the way over here in Melbourne. And last night I met two of them...again (I also met them ten years ago).

    There’s something quite familiar about being with somebody who is closely (enough) related to you. I’d only met Beverly and Jennifer (the two lasses pictured with me here) briefly the last time. But it was evident that we’d more in common than just a surname as we got on famously then, just like we did last night.

    I really enjoyed last night. I really did. We chatted about all sorts of things – when was I getting married, how do I like travelling so much, and what the economy’s like in Australia. It was a super evening. So take my advice – if you’re travelling somewhere you’ve got long distance relations make sure to look them up. I’m sure you’ll enjoy catching up (or getting to know them) as much as I did.

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