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  1. Celebrating International Women's Day - Female-only hostels

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    Celebrating International Women's Day - Female-only hostels


    Originating back in the early 1900s, International Women’s Day is a major day of global celebration of everything female. To mark the occasion we’ve put together a list of hostels which are particularly suitable for women only…

    St Christopher's Paris, France
    Part of the famous St Christopher's hostel-chain, their Paris hostel has something special for the ladies known as 'The Oasis' - a female-only floor with a few creature-comforts that ensure its female guests can hit the Parisian streets feeling beautiful. If you want to beautify yourself without having to go anywhere, it will come as welcome news that the hostel also has its own bar and nightclub.
    >> Book St Christopher's Paris

    Barcelona Urbany Hostel, Spain
    The 9th floor of this hostel in the Catalonian capital is what you want to set your sights on if you're a female not looking for some male company. This is where you will locate Barcelona Urbany Hostel's female-only rooms which are for four or six people and have their own bathrooms. The rooms also boast larger than average closets, hair dryers and your own private space to get dressed.
    >> Book Barcelona Urbany Hostel

    Orsa Maggiore, Rome, Italy
    This hostel offers rooms with a view for women only. All of these rooms are full of light and are decorated in a modern and functional style. With a free continental breakfast on offer along with an ample house garden to relax in, Orsa Maggiore offers women a haven in bustling Rome.
    >> Book Orsa Maggiore, Rome

    The Princesa Insolente Hostel, Santiago, Chile
    Located in the Chilean capital, The Princesa Insolente Hostel is a hostel for all types of modern women – wild, indomitable, adventurous, friendly, proactive, passionate and more. Guests are encouraged to feel welcome and to discover an alternative way of thinking in this colourful house, which is a wonderful retreat from the stress of a competitive world.
    >> Book The Princesa Insolente Hostel

    Generator Hostel, London, England
    Boasting a central location close to Russell Square, Generator Hostel in London has a 10-bed female only dorm that meets all types of needs. Upon check-in you are given a purse with travel size beauty products, while the dorm itself is completely pink. Inside the dorm you'll find a ‘make-up station’ too, complete with a theatre-style wall mirror with lamps, hair dryer and more.
    >> Book Generator Hostel

    PLUS Florence, Florence, Italy
    This brand new hostel opened in early 2008 offers luxury in the heart of the magical Florence. After a trip to the in-house pool, girls can retreat to the “PLUS girls only dorms” where the focus is on space, privacy and relaxation. A free personal care pack is at your disposal along with a big fluffy towel. Larger bathrooms, free hairdryers and spacious dorms are just some of the ways PLUS has created a unique Girls Only experience to take the grind out of backpacking.
    >> Book Plus Florence Hostel

    Sage Wellness Hostel, Toronto, Canada
    How many hostels do you know that have on-site spa and salon services? Or laundry and maid services? Not many, right? That's what makes Sage Wellness Hostel so unique. Along with all the above, the owners of this European/home-style hostel ensure that their accommodation is all about you.
    >> Book Sage Wellness Hostel

    Anadin Female Hostel, Budapest, Hungary
    Thinking of those girls who are travelling alone or with a couple of other girls and don't wish to share their room or bathroom with men, Anadin Female Hostel is the first and only exclusively female hostel in the Hungarian capital. If you are one of these girls and you're looking for nice, cozy, clean and, most importantly, affordable accommodation in Budapest's downtown then look no further - you've found it.
    >> Book Anadin Female Hostel

    Cairns Girls Hostel, Cairns, Australia
    This hostel located in a 1930s residence built for the founder of Cairns’ first department store is most apt as a girls only hostel. Found just a short walk from the main shopping and tourist areas, the recently renovated hostel caters to travelling women from across the world and each room comes complete with fans, wardrobes, bedside tables and writing desks.
    >> Book Cairns Girls Hostel

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