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  1. Checking out the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto

    posted by Rebecca Keenan | 0 Comments

    Checking out the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto


    I recorded my second podcast of the day at the Royal Ontario Museum or ROM as it’s known locally after having a look around some of the interesting galleries to be found across the museum’s various levels.

    My favourites were, once again, the dinosaur fossils which are completely stunning. The museum is home to a huge collection, plus there is a lot that can be learned about these fascinating creatures here too.

    Also, apparently if you’re outside the museum at night, you can actually see the dinos silhouetted through the windows which must make for a pretty awesome sight.

    A close second for me were the Earth's Treasures galleries which are filled with minerals, gems, gold and more. That’s where I took this picture. This particular piece really struck me as something unique as that’s a full sheet of copper you can see there. Plus there were lots of other shiny things to check out in these entertaining galleries.

    The ROM is one the most important museums in Canada and in the world, thanks to its huge collection of artefacts relating to natural history and world cultures. I can see why it’s so popular and why so many people visit it each year. You really could spend hours wandering around looking at the displays and engaging with the interactive parts of the exhibits.

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