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  1. Cheeky cheetahs and new friends

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    Cheeky cheetahs and new friends


    (February 4th) Wow, what an amazing afternoon and evening. Definitely a brilliant way to end my stay here in Pretoria.

    The Ann Van Dyk Cheetah Centre was pretty amazing. They have 80 cheetahs at the site I visited and 80 more at another place just over the hill. It was so amazing to see these beautiful creatures up close, to learn about their struggles and to hear what conservation projects are being undertaken.

    African Wild Dogs with their giant ears and unusual sounding chatter are also housed on the site and we learned about how highly endangered these creatures are. It’s a sad story really, and I hope their numbers can be enhanced. It would be a shame if such amazing animals disappeared.

    The tour took quite a while so I was a bit tired when I got back to the hostel. Then I remembered I was going for dinner with KG and Hazel which totally pepped me back up.

    We went to this place in Hatfield called Co-Fi and the food there was spot on. I have a chicken dish and it came with the most delicious vegetables. Great atmosphere too and the company was great as we all chatted for ages.

    Then it was back to the hostel to meet Trish who then took my on a wee tour of some of the popular nightspots in Pretoria. This included a look at the manic Hatfield Square and the funky club Zanzu. I left Trish in Trademarx and went back to the hostel.

    I’m a bit sad to be leaving such great people but I’m also really excited about seeing Port Elizabeth. I’m really glad I met such awesome people in Pretoria and I’m really grateful to all of them for the help they gave me during my stay!

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