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  1. Chilling out in Sefton Park and Lark Lane

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    Chilling out in Sefton Park and Lark Lane


    After getting the Liverpool metro across the Mersey and back to the centre of the city, I made my way out to the Aigburth area.

    Here’s where you’ll find Sefton Park, a gigantic oasis and the perfect spot to chill out on a warm afternoon or evening. While I was here, I checked out the impressive palm house, walked down along by one of the waterways and did some filming at one of the large expanses of green parkland you’ll find throughout Sefton Park.

    The Aigburth area of the city also boasts one of the best places to go for something to eat or for a few drinks, namely Lark Lane. Along this street you’ll come across a great selection of cafés, bars and restaurants.

    I had dinner at Keith’s, a wine bar with a boho look and a really friendly atmosphere. The food was delicious, the price was right and I would definitely recommend this place to anyone visiting Liverpool. From here I made my way to the Low Bar, one of the great places for a beer along Lark Lane. Plenty of people were sitting at the tables outside with their drinks, making the best of what turned out to be a really beautiful evening here in Liverpool.

    After spending some time soaking up the atmosphere over in Lark Lane, I headed back to Hatters Hostel. Tomorrow I’m going to check out the Cathedral, visit Anfield and sample some food at a couple of places that have been highly recommended by more than one local here!

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