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  1. Conger eel soup - a Chilean specialty

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    Conger eel soup - a Chilean specialty


    Last night I tried Caldillo Congrillo. It’s a fish broth-soup kind of thing. It was really nice except it was enormous. It’s a fish broth made with conger eel, potatoes, and more. I got a plate of chips (French fries to y’all Americans out there) with it but shouldn’t have. I ate around three of them.

    There’s a really cool vibe in Bellavista Hostel where I’m staying I keep on meeting people here and chatting about (you guessed it) travelling. So far I’ve met three Aussie guys from Sydney. They were literally off the plane when I met them on the first day of their 5-month trip around South America. Also met two English girls called Siobhan (her mother’s Irish) and Emma who are doing a whirlwind trip of South America, and the two German girls that I met on the first night. That’s the great thing about hostels – you certainly won’t get that in hotels.

    Today I’m going to check out some of the city’s museums and Barrio Brazil, another of the city’s popular districts.

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