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  1. Curves - this week's #FriFotos theme

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    Every Tuesday Jonathan Epstein, aka @EpsteinTravels, announces the theme for #FriFotos - a weekly forum on Twitter where people share photos that match the theme. This week the theme is 'Curves', and oh how I enjoyed searching for our curvey photos from around the world...

    Unmistakable curves in Australia's largest city

    The curves of Sydney's celebrated Opera House make up one of the world's most famous buildings.

    'The Bean'

    Better known as 'The Bean' but more formally known as 'Cloud Gate', this curvey monument in Chicago makes for some very interesting photographs.

    Under the Eiffel Tower

    While the Eiffel Tower in Paris looks amazing from afar, thanks to the curves at the bottom of the tower, it looks quite unique from underneath.

    Changing rooms, Budapest

    This photo from the Szecheyni Baths in Budapest is one of my favourite photos from all my years of travelling. I was there at the right time for the sun to light up the curved corridor along the changing rooms.

    Eyes following you

    Curves play a big part in this photo taken in La Chascona, the museum dedicated to Chilean Nobel-Prize winning poet Pablo Neruda in Santiago.


    Anybody who's been to Thailand will be familiar with this sight. Bars all over its islands put on fire shows nightly.

    The Karen Long-Neck Hill Tribe

    The ladies of the Karen Long-Neck Hill Tribe just outside Chiang Mai in Thailand are famous for their long, curved neck braces.

    Gaudi, king of curves

    Anybody's who's been to Barcelona will know that curves are characteristics of the one and only Antoni Gaudi.

    Sunset over the cape

    If you're lucky enough to visit Cape Town you might be lucky to catch a sunset like this one in the Sea Point neighbourhood. The curves in the clouds made for a sunset I won't forget in a hurry.

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