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  1. Cusco - definitely a party town

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    Cusco - definitely a party town


    Make no mistake about it - if you're one who wants to party and you're planning on visiting Peru, visit Cusco. Chances are you will be anyway to go to Machu Picchu, but think about putting by a couple of days just for recovering from the night before.

    The main bars are around Plaza de Armas. There are loads of them but below are ones you should keep an eye out for:

    Mushrooms: This is a really cool bar on the south-western side of the square and overlooks it – if you get a window seat you've got a great view. It's really laid back and has beanbags for lounging in and a DJ behind the counter spinning chill-out/loungey tunes.

    Paddy Flaherty's: Known locally as simply 'Paddy's', this Irish bar has an edge over another Irish bar that is nearby – it's run by an Irish guy. His name is Gary and he's a really nice guy so if you get the chance to speak to him - you'll enjoy his company. This is a small Irish bar and there's a lovely atmosphere in it. They also do good hearty food like lasagne and shepherd's pie.

    Zazu: This large venue can be quiet sometimes (it was when I was there), but it's in a great setting and has a balcony overlooking the dance floor.

    If you stay in one of the city's party hostels though, you may not experience any of Cusco nightlife. The two main party hostels in town are LOKI Backpacker Hostel where I’m staying and The Point Hostel. Definitely ones to consider if coming here.

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