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  1. Cycling from Paris to Nice in aid of a good cause

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    Cycling from Paris to Nice in aid of a good cause


    Last Saturday one of the members of our team, Feargal, set off on a six-day adventure in aid of a very, very good cause - the Special Olympics and other charities. Covering over 100km a day, so far they have passed through Orange, Aix-en Province and tackled a 3,000m climb up the Mont Ventoux route. Still to come are cycles to Draguignan before it all comes to an end in Nice.

    So far the team (there are 22 people cycling in total) have raised over €205,000! But they're not content with that. They're hoping to raise even more. To do this, they need your help.

    Is this something you would like to do yourself? Maybe not even for six days, but just one day? In cities all over the world you can book yourself on to cycle tours.

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    While the team are really testing their physical stamina, the French countryside, as you can see from the photos, are making the journey that little bit easier.

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