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  1. Day 1 in Jo'burg

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    Day 1 in Jo'burg


    So today has been another one of those days where not a lot happens. I’m in Johannesburg now, or Jo’burg, as it’s called. Because of my flight being the time it was (1pm), it was hard to do anything.

    Ealier I did a bit of planning on what I’m going to do here in Jo’burg for the next four days. There’s lots on. Won’t spoil it just yet but looking forward to exploring a city that has bad press. And by the time I arrived it was too late to do anything so, as I said, not a lot has happened.

    One cool thing that has happened though is that I’ve checked into one of the coolest rooms I’ve been in a long time. I’m staying in Johannesburg Backpackers and my room faces the pool. In a word…nice. It’s in an area called Emmarentia which is close to the neighbourhood Green Side. That’s where I’m going for something to eat later.

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