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  1. Day 1 of the trek - cycling down mountains

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    Day 1 of the trek - cycling down mountains


    I am now in a small town called Santa Teresa and have just finished the first part of a 3-day tour. There really isn't a whole lot here other than a few hostels and a couple of restaurants. It's a 'one-horse town' in every sense.

    Earlier today I was transported 4,200 metres above sea level into the Alfamayo Mountains near Cusco. This was after a drive through the famous Sacred Valley. With me were two Portuguese girls, two Aussies, a Brazilian guy, a Dutch guy, a Czech girl and two Spaniards. Our tour guide is George, although it isn't pronounced in the traditional English way. It's more 'Hyorjee' if you get me.

    The bike ride was excellent. We literally started off up in the clouds. From here it was all downhill. Literally. While our bikes weren't in the greatest condition (we'd a puncture and a buckled wheel by the end of the day!) the ride was something else. The scenery along the way was amazing, and we got good speed along the way. Overall we covered over 60km. The first 42k was on normal road and after that was gravel. Here we slowed things down a little.

    As I am only going a 3-day trip and not 4, I've now left most of them behind. Mauro (Brazilian guy) and his friend Will from Melbourne are the only two with me now. And as I stated earlier, this is a small town. It's off for food now and then (maybe) a dip in the local hot springs.

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