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  1. Deceptive scenery and rough times in the city of the damned

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    Deceptive scenery and rough times in the city of the damned


    Upon arriving in Naples we were lulled into a false sense of security by what, from a distance, looked like beautiful scenery. Unfortunately it turned out to be the worst place in the world.

    Four hours of treacherous cobbled streets, bike-wheel width tram tracks and articulated lorries followed were the cause of the most back to back near death experiences I will ever have in my life.

    After the worst place in the world things started getting better, as they tend to do. We wheeled our way into Pompeii a few days later to look at a load of fancy dead people and hang around a 2000 year old brothel. We went to Sorrento to rent a speedboat and drive to the island of Capri (what recession?), and then it was on to the Almalfi Coast. This is a road carved out of thousand-foot high cliffs winding its way above the bluest sea I’ve ever seen. It’s a memory that will stick in my mind forever, hopefully keeping the one of Naples at bay.

    It was on shaky legs that we embarked on our Italian job and it was with full body convulsions and heavy signs of relief that we boarded our boat to Greece. Suffice to say Italian drivers didn’t gain their reputation by chance.

    If anybody out there is planning on cycling to Italy here is some friendly words of advice – avoid it all costs. It’s as rough as a bag of hammers.

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