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  1. Did you know we've got more than just hostels?

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    We love hostels, obviously. We love them for many reasons. But did you know we list apartments, bed and breakfasts and budget hotels too? Yes, we list all these as well as hostels. And if it’s a private room you’re looking for but still the social aspect of a hostel, guess what? The majority of hostels have private rooms too.

    So what’s the difference between a hostel and these other types of accommodation? Let me explain...

    Budget Hotels

    While so many hostels have private rooms as well as shared dormitories, a budget hotel is a form of accommodation offering private rooms only. This may have one bed or it may have four beds, but either way there’s no shared accommodation in a budget hotel. As they’re smaller than larger chains, you still get the personal service hostels are famous for. If you’re on the road with your other half, they’re perfect if you want to upgrade your stay for a special occasion.

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    Apartments are perfect when you’re looking for that little bit of extra independence. As well as a bedroom they have a separate living room and kitchen area. So if you’re travelling in a couple or group, and one person wants to stay up and the other wants to watch TV, this isn’t a problem. Sometimes it is cost effective to stay in them. Plus, if you don’t want to eat out, they’re great for cooking for self catering.

    Book apartments in London, Amsterdam, New York and other cities around the world.

    Bed and Breakfasts

    Bed and breakfasts, which are also referred to as guesthouses and ‘pensiones’, bed and breakfasts offer a personal touch, just like hostels. In fact, in some cases they are even more personal. These are types of accommodation that may only have between 5 and 10 rooms, where you will definitely meet the owner. They will give you insights into the city that you might not get in other forms of accommodation. Plus, like the name suggests, the rate usually includes breakfast.

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    Don't forget - hostels have private rooms too

    All these forms of accommodation are perfect when you’re looking for a bit more privacy. But if you’re looking for a bit more privacy plus the social aspect of a hostel that we all love so much, here’s the good news – over 80% of hostels listed on our site have private rooms. Many also offer free WiFi, free breakfast, are extremely central, plus can be found in unique locations like airplanes, tree houses and boats.

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