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  1. Don't miss our next 'Hostelworld Hangout' - this one's on volunteer travel

    posted by Colm Hanratty | 0 Comments

    Don't miss our next 'Hostelworld Hangout' - this one's on volunteer travel


    Two weeks ago we introduced Hostelworld Hangout via our Google Hangouts - live video talks on Google Plus with specialists of different types of travel that you can watch live and that you can interact with. The first one was with Janice Waugh of SoloTravelerBlog.com and TheTravelersHandbooks.com. The time has come for the second 'Hostelworld Hangout', and this one is on volunteer travel which will take place tomorrow, March 15th at 12.15 EST/4.15PM GMT.

    I'll be discussing volunteer travel with Shannon O'Donnell from ALittleAdrift.com, a travel blog where Shannon shares her personal stories, advice, and photography. You can check out her very own 'best of' here. The blog led to many things, one of them being Shannon's book 'The Volunteer Traveler's Handbook'.

    Over the course of the hangout I'll be asking Shannon about her story, about what you need to do to get involved in volunteer travel, whether or not she likes the phrase voluntourism and more. Make sure to join in.

    We'll be posting the link to the hangout live on our Facebook page tomorrow afternoon, while we'll be tweeting it too. Alternatively, you can visit our Google Plus page http://plus.google.com/+hostelworld
    and streaming it there too. Just watch out for this image:

    How do I join in one of the Hostelworld Hangouts?

    To ask questions you can either comment in the box below the streaming video or ask us on Twitter using the #HostelworldHT hashtag. We’ll answer your comments live in the hangout, and if not we’ll answer them in the comments of the YouTube video – each Hangout will create a video which will be on our video channel.

    So mark your calendar - March 15th at 12.15EST/4.15GMT for the second Hostelworld Hangout - volunteer travel with Shannon O'Donnell.

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