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  1. Downtown Durban and the aquarium

    posted by Colm Hanratty | 0 Comments

    Downtown Durban and the aquarium


    Today was my first proper day in Durban. I was meant to go on a city tour but because of a technical glitch with my camera, I had to cancel that. All was not lost though, Amimi from the hostel took me in later in the afternoon so I still saw some of the city.

    We went and saw Jumah Mosque which is the largest mosque in the Southern Hemisphere and then went to Victoria Market, or the Indian Market (there’s a large Indian population here), before going for a ‘Bunny Chow’ in the Victoria Lounge on the corner of Grey St and Victoria St. They’re a Durban institution and you have to try one when you’re here.

    From here myself and Amimi did a bit more exploring before he left to go back to the hostel and I left for uShaku Marine World, Durban’s very own Sea World. It has a water park, aquarium and more. Is well worth visiting.

    Upon returning to the hostel I grabbed my laptop, took the short stroll down to Europa Café on Florida St (it’s got free wifi – take note folks) which is where I am now. Once I finish updating this, I’m going to grab a bite to eat.

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