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  1. Downtown Santiago

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    Downtown Santiago


    Earlier today I met with Kristina Shrek (yes, just like the movie) for a podcast that will be called ‘Santiago – Close to the mountains, close to the sea’. It’s about the Chilean capital’s location just one hour from the Andes and one hour from the coast. Interview went well so look forward to putting it up on the site.

    After that I went exploring in downtown Santiago. There’s something quite American about this city. It’s divided into blocks downtown just like other American cities and has a busy feel about it. It’s nice to walk around though, particularly around the city’s main square Plaza de Armas. I’m beginning to think every city in Latin America has one. Had to take a few snaps of the guys playing chess. Other highlights include Mercado Central and the city’s cathedral. There are lots of museums too, but I’m leaving them until tomorrow.

    This evening I think I’ll try some typical Chilean dishes. There’s a restaurant near the hostel that does them apparently.

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