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  1. Dry ice machines on Table Mountain?

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    Dry ice machines on Table Mountain?


    My meeting with Aimee from Baz Bus went really well today and after that I decided to head on down to the Waterfront to check out the Aquarium.

    I love going to good aquariums when I visit cities and I'd heard the one here in Cape Town was awesome. It didn't disappoint! There are many, many displays and they're all really well maintained. From tiny plankton to impressive looking ragged tooth sharks, they're all here.

    What I most enjoyed about the aquarium was the education given about sharks and specifically shark attacks. It's done in a really clever way in the form of poster adverts and TV-style adverts on a big screen that let people in on bits of info like the following: 'Last year 791 people were killed by defective toasters, 4 people by sharks'.

    It also said here that we've killed over 100 million sharks in the last year and there was even a small bit of video about the finning trade. Having just seen some of the amazing sharks that live in South Africa's oceans, I was really saddened to learn that sharks are being killed in such high numbers.

    Still, the only way these things are going to improve is through education and the Two Oceans Aquarium here in Cape Town does that in spades. They also had a really interesting frog display which is hoping to educate people in the hopes of stopping the disappearance of huge numbers to frogs and toads.

    After all the fishy facts, I headed for the Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre to pick up some food for the evening. After eating out so much lately I just wanted something simple and I'm looking forward to tucking in as soon as I'm done here!

    I got a cab back to Ashanti Gardens and on the way had a great view of Table Mountain. That's Table Mountain in the picture here but that was taken earlier on the Waterfront. As we were zooming along in the cab I didn't want to whip out my camera.

    Anyway, on the way back my very friendly cab driver pointed to the mountain and said, 'What do you see?' I looked up and, to me, it was as if someone had set up dry ice machines all along the top of the mountain and the resulting mist was floating over the side. I told him as much and he laughed and said that it reminded him of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe where he's from. But, he told me, as Elton John was in town maybe I'd gotten it right!

    Tomorrow I'm starting the day with a trip to the Backpack hostel to take some video footage for Colm and then once I've safely stowed the video camera back here I'm off to catch the open top bus and play tourist for the day!

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