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  1. Earth hour - how you can help

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    Earth hour - how you can help


    This year on Saturday 26th March at 8.30pm lights will switch off across the world for one hour to help save the planet – Earth Hour. Hostelworld.com is supporting Earth Hour and we urge you too to get involved. When the lights come back on after Earth Hour, we are asked to think about what we can change in our daily lives to help the planet. Below are a list of ways you can help save the planet and also make a real difference while backpacking.

    1. Stay in an 'eco hostel'
    Hostels are growing increasingly aware of the immediate need for conservation and changes in our gluttonous habits towards the Earth’s limited resources. As a result, there are more and more eco-friendly hostels emerging around the world. Mellow Eco-Hostel, located around 20 minutes from Barcelona city centre by tube, is a top-notch eco hostel. In order to reduce their impact on the environment, the hostel utilises renewable energy. For example, the water used in the hostel’s showers is heated using solar panels on the roof. Other ‘green’ features at the hostel include recycling facilities, biodegradable cleaning products and low energy light bulbs.

    2. Reduce your carbon footprint
    Opt for greener transportation while travelling. Train travel is available to, from and within many destinations worldwide and is much more environmentally friendly than air travel. When you travel, carpooling with other travellers is a great option, while cycling or walking when possible is another great way to help save the planet. Many hostels have bike hire as a facility.

    3. Make a virtual Earth Hour Lantern
    You can make a virtual Earth Hour Lantern here.

    4. Support the local community
    Buying local produce will greatly help the local economy. It also means that you are buying produce that is grown nearby, not transported long distances, which also helps the environment.

    5. Volunteer
    Skyway Guesthouse in Siem Reap offers you the chance to help children orphaned by land mines, starvation or disease, or whose parents were targeted for death due to political activity. Volunteers staying at the hostel can teach English and computer skills, help with homework, or just spend time with these children. Other volunteer opportunities include staying at the Favela Receptiva, working with children in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; helping Masai women with AIDS awareness and prevention while staying at the Hostel Hoff at Moshi, Tanzania; and working with disabled staff members at the INOUT Hostel in Barcelona, Spain. The slogan of the INOUT Hostel sums up the whole effort: "Enter with an open heart, and you will leave with a smile, impossible to erase."

    6. Spread the word!
    On March 26th let people know you're supporting Earth Hour by posting it on facebook or Twitter! And make sure to visit our dedicated Hostelworld.com Earth Hour page.

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