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  1. Earthquake in Christchurch – how to find out if you are affected and how you can help

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    Earthquake in Christchurch – how to find out if you are affected and how you can help


    The earthquake which took place on Tuesday afternoon in Christchurch, New Zealand has sadly, at time of writing, taken 75 lives. Unfortunately this figure looks set to rise. As Christchurch is such a popular stop on the backpacking route for travellers, you may know somebody who was there on Tuesday, or you may have plans to travel there in the future. If so, we’ve put together a quick Q & A which will hopefully answer some of your questions.

    1. What should I do if I made a booking on Hostelworld.com for a hostel/tour in Christchurch in the coming days?
    Christchurch is currently cordoned off so you won’t be able to get to the hostel. Due to this Hostelworld.com will credit all bookings made directly on our site so that customers can book again immediately and will refund affiliate bookings that are affected by this. Alternatively we will refund the deposit paid if requested.

    To receive your credit or refund or for any other questions please email customerservice@hostelworld.com or visit our customer service page.

    2. I’ve a hostel/tour booking but I made it directly with the hostel/tour company/on another booking website?
    You should contact the company directly asap to check on the status of your booking.

    3. How can I find out if friends who were in Christchurch are ok?
    First and foremost, check their facebook page if they have one. Social media, and in particular facebook, is a great way of keeping up to date with loved ones during times like these.

    Red Cross in New Zealand has set up a missing person enquiry line. The number is 0800 733 276 from within New Zealand and +64 4 471 8250 for those calling outside the country.

    Alternatively, if you still can’t find out, get in contact with your local Department of Foreign Affairs, or your country’s embassy/consulate in New Zealand.

    4. I’ve a flight booked for Christchurch soon. Will I be able to use it?
    First of all check with your airline to see if the flight is still operational. You can also keep up to date on flight statuses by visiting Christchurch Airport’s Official Website.

    5. How can I help?
    You can make a donation on the New Zealand Red Cross website website or the New Zealand Salvation Army website. If you are looking to volunteer, the city is still cordoned off so this is not possible at the moment.

    For more information please visit the Official Canterbury Earthquake website.

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