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  1. Eating out in Hermanus

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    Eating out in Hermanus


    As I’ve let you in on where’s good to go out at night in Hermanus, I feel it’s now time to let you know where’s good to eat. Granted, I haven’t eaten in too many places, but anywhere I have eaten in has been nice.

    If you’re looking for pizza Panorotti’s on Main Road (you know a town is small when it has a ‘Main Road’ or ‘Main Street’) is kind of fast food-ish, but there pizzas are fresh nonetheless. If you like salads and you like ‘em BIG then go to Harbour Café which is a lovely, airy restaurant with friendly staff. And if you want to give your visit to Hermanus a Mediterranean kick, try ‘Tapas’ beside Harbour Café.

    Finally, if you don’t mind spending a few Rand more (maybe 40 per main course) then go to ‘Harbour Rock’, or ‘The Rock’ as locals call it. It’s a stylish restaurant down at the new harbour and specialises in fish.

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