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  1. Eating out in Montréal – Reuben’s Deli

    posted by Rebecca Keenan | 0 Comments

    Eating out in Montréal – Reuben’s Deli


    On the way back to the HI-Montréal this evening, I decided a treat was in order so I stopped in at Reuben’s Deli on Rue Sainte-Catherine for some coffee and cake.

    This seems to be quite a popular restaurant as it was pretty packed while I was there, with a steady stream of both locals and visitors coming in to eat. On the menu you’ll find everything from smoked meat sandwiches to gigantic burgers, plus lots of side dishes and plenty more.

    While that all looked delicious, I had something a bit sweeter in mind, namely the largest slice of chocolate cake I think I’ve ever seen. Apparently it’s chocolate cake ‘like Grandma used to make’ and, as you can see here, they really don’t skimp on the slices.

    It really was delicious and a lovely treat for my last night here in Montréal. It was very reasonably priced too, considering the size of the portion. They had plenty of other cakes, cheesecakes and desserts on the menu too. So if you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy something sweet, Rueben’s is a great choice.

    Tomorrow morning I’m up early to catch the train to Quebec City and I should get there around lunchtime.

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