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  1. Eating out in Quebec City – Le cochon dingue

    posted by Rebecca Keenan | 0 Comments

    Eating out in Quebec City – Le cochon dingue


    Down in the Quatier Petit Champlain, you’ll find a much-loved restaurant called Le cochon dingue or ‘crazy pig’. It’s something of an institution in Quebec City and has been in operation since 1979.

    The menu includes everything from huge racks of ribs to seafood, sandwiches and salads. A breakfast menu is also offered and seems like it’s really good value for what you get.

    Today, I was feeling pretty hungry after a day of walking so I went for the steak frites or steak and chips. I got the smaller size of steak offered as I’ve learned that the portions here in Canada tend to be very generous. It was delicious and cooked just how I ordered it, which was great.

    They also offer a really varied dessert menu at Le cochon dingue which I decided to sample. I had the chocolate pecan pie which you can see here and it was absolutely delicious.

    The restaurant was packed today but the staff were totally on top of things, and very friendly as well.

    After I’d eaten, I strolled around the area for a while. Petit Champlain is filled with cobbled streets boasting a great selection of boutiques, funky little stores, souvenir shops and more. If you’re visiting Quebec City, you should definitely check out this neighbourhood.

    I leave HI-Quebec early tomorrow morning to get the train back to Montréal and from there I catch another train to head on to Ottawa.

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