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  1. Eating out in Toronto - Margaritas

    posted by Rebecca Keenan | 0 Comments

    Eating out in Toronto - Margaritas


    I arrived in Toronto and made my way to Clarence Castle where I’ll be staying during my time in this, the largest city in Canada. The hostel is really well-located with lots of the main attractions in walking distance.

    After speaking with Danny here at the hostel and getting some recommendations for the best areas to go look for restaurants and bars, I made my way up to Baldwin Street. Along this street you’ll find a number of different eateries, from Japanese to Mexican.

    I was in the mood for Mexican tonight so I chose Margaritas and ordered the chicken burrito pictured here. I also sampled one of their margaritas, and you can see a bit of the giant glass it came in on the right of the picture too. I had a non-alcoholic strawberry margarita and it was really refreshing and delicious.

    After that it was on to check out some of the nightlife here in Toronto. From Baldwin Street I wanted to make my way down to King Street West, which is apparently an up and coming stretch in terms of bars, and is quite popular with a trendy crowd.

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