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  1. Eating out in Washington DC – a visit to Chinatown

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    Eating out in Washington DC – a visit to Chinatown


    Not far from HI Washington where I’m staying is Chinatown. And I’ve been told that if I’m looking for places good for eating out in Washington DC then I should set my sights there.

    There are lots of restaurants to choose from, many along H Street under the Chinese gate that welcomes you to the neighbourhood. I had a look in a few different restaurants, seeing which ones were busy and which weren’t. I finally opted for the one that looked the busiest.

    Despite the somewhat cheesy name, Wok and Roll does decent Asian fare. The name is a nod to the fact that not only does it do Chinese food, but it does Japanese food also. So if you’re in the mood for some sushi, the gentlemen behind the sushi counter will put some sashimi rolls or whatever else you want fresh there in front of you. It gets two thumbs up from me.

    Today I’m going to the Spy Museum which I’ve heard lots about. Then it’s off to meet yet another person I know from Twitter, and guest blogger for Hostelworld.com, Matt aka @landlopers who recently did a guest post for Hostelworld about five Washington DC activities Off the beaten path.

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