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  1. Eats off the beaten track

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    Eats off the beaten track


    Last night I hooked up with Wil and Mauro. They think I’m stalking them around South America (that's them in this awful photograph). I’m not. Honest. I just happen to be going to the same places they are. I’m not the only one either.

    I first met them in Peru, then we were in Santiago together although we never met up, and last week I met them in Mendoza. Now, here in the Argentinean capital I met them again last night in a restaurant called ‘Puccini’ on Calle Chile. It’s as authentic as Italian restaurants get and is really off the tourist trail. There are no tourists there (not before this blog anyway), and food is really good.

    They have one fun aspect to the meal…as you walk in you’re greeted with a table of cold meats, eggs with salads and other things. This is your starter. Once you grab a plate and pick your food you bring it to the counter where the person at a weighing scales who takes your plate off you, covers the part of the scales which show you how much it weighs, puts the plate on to the scales and then asks you how much you think it weighs. Get it right and you don’t pay for that helping. Is a nice touch.

    The meal was extremely tasty. I’d definitely recommend it. I suppose by saying that I am recommending it. Check it out if you’re looking for something completely off the beaten track.

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