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  1. Enjoying luxury on a budget - our next 'Hostelworld Hangout' live video chat

    posted by Colm Hanratty | 0 Comments

    Enjoying luxury on a budget - our next 'Hostelworld Hangout' live video chat


    In the fifth of a series of live video chats via Google Hangouts called 'Hostelworld Hangouts', I'll be discussing how to enjoy luxury on a budget with Sarah and Terry Lee of lifestyle site LiveShareTravel.com. Taking place later today (April 3rd) at 12.15EST/17.15GMT.

    I'll be discussing how can you enjoy luxury without breaking the bank. And what does luxury actually mean? Does it have to relate to accommodation or can it be treating yourself to a meal in a nice restaurant, before returning to your hostel later on that evening?

    But the good thing today is that, even though it might sound like an oxymoron, there are a new breed of 'luxury hostels' popping up all over the world. These are hostels with private ensuite rooms, with facilities and decor that would rival many hotels but have the added bonus of the social aspect of a hostel. One of these is Safestay in the Elephant and Castle area of London. Sarah and Terry stayed there (their first hostel in a very long time) last week so I'll be asking them is it a 'poshtel' as it describes itself.

    Over the course of the interview I'll also be talking to Sarah and Terry about their book The Luxury Traveler's Handbook, a book that proves that luxury travel doesn’t have to be expensive. This is just one of a series called The Travelers Handbooks which also has books on career breaks, solo travel and more.

    We'll be posting the link to the hangout live on our Facebook page just before broadcast, while we'll be tweeting it too. Alternatively, you can visit our Google Plus page as we'll be streaming it there too. Just watch out for this image:

    How do I join in one of the Hostelworld Hangouts?

    To ask questions you can either comment in the box below the streaming video or ask us on Twitter using the #HostelworldHT hashtag. We’ll answer your comments live in the hangout, and if not we’ll answer them in the comments of the YouTube video – each Hangout will create a video which will be on our video channel.

    So mark your calendar - April 3rd at 12.15EST/17.15GMT for the fifth Hostelworld Hangout - enjoying luxury on a budget with Sarah and Terry Lee.

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