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    I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world with my job. In the last three years I’ve been to every continent other than Antarctica. Most recently was a trip to London. It was over there that it dawned upon me – as much as I love faraway destinations like Thailand, Argentina and Australia, one of the world’s most breathtaking regions is practically on my doorstep – Great Britain. That’s why it gives me so much pleasure to announce our new partnership with VisitBritain. Now I get to share everything I love about Great Britain through our videos, free pocket guides, features and more.

    Some of the world’s greatest cities

    There’s no doubt about it – one of my favourite cities in the world is London. I love its energy, I love its people, I love its neighbourhoods and I love its sights. There’s nowhere else on earth like it. Other cities in England I’ve always loved visiting include Bath, which is by far one of Europe’s classiest cities, York where walking the walls is always a pleasure, Glasgow that is home to world-class art galleries, plus neighbouring Manchester and Liverpool that boast a lot more than two of the planet’s most celebrated football teams – these two cities have spawned some of the world’s most famous rock 'n' roll bands.

    A city that is even closer to my heart is Edinburgh in Scotland. When people ask me ‘What’s your favourite city?’ when they find out what I do for a living, the Scottish capital is always a city that is listed in the top three. It’s got a welcoming atmosphere that other cities can’t quite match.

    Countryside and adventure

    Great Britain isn’t all about cities though – it’s where you’ll encounter breathtaking scenery in the countryside. Ask any traveller who’s been to the four corners of the globe and any who have been to the Scottish Highlands will agree it’s spellbinding. Likewise, visit the county of Caerphilly in South Wales to encounter castles and rolling green hills. Then you’ve got one of the world’s natural wonders in the Giants Causeway that can be found just north of Belfast in Northern Ireland.

    If you’ve an adventurous side you’ll also be able to meet its requirements in this part of the world. Hill-walking, mountain biking, kayaking, abseiling – these are just some of the outdoor sports you can engage in in the great outdoors of the UK.

    Treat yourself – shopping, good food, and maybe some partying

    But if you are one who prefers life in the more built-up regions, the list of things to do is endless. Shopping in its major cities rivals that of New York, Tokyo or other cities associated with retail therapy. The UK is famed for its pubs. Drop in for a ‘pint of bitter’ and traditional fish and chips and you’ll leave with some new friends – the British are a friendly bunch too.

    Accommodation to suit everybody

    Something else I love about visiting Great Britain so regularly is the diversity when it comes to accommodation. I’ve had the luxury of my own apartment in London, I’ve stayed in hostels with views of Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh and I’ve got to know some locals in bed and breakfasts in Wales. Each time I’ve come back with a different story to tell. Can’t wait for the next story.

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    I’m lucky enough to visit Great Britain once every couple of months. The last time I was there was only last week. It is only when I get back that I realise this – I love the UK more and more after each visit. Pencil it in to your itinerary and you’ll see why.

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    Asya said on 04/12/2012 at 7:51pm

    Nice article! Edinburgh is a charming place!!!

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