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  1. Exploring downtown Jo'burg

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    Exploring downtown Jo'burg


    Yesterday, along with the help of Sunny (a tour guide with a company called African Travelouge based here in Jo’burg) and his son Justice, I went exploring parts of Downtown Jo’burg. I was told it’s a no-go area so I figured if I was to carry my video camera and other bits and pieces around with me I should have some company.

    We packed lots in over the day. We started off at a lookout where you can get a great view of the city, then moved on to Nelson Mandela’s house, then went to Coca-Cola Park where some World Cup games are being held, then Jo’burg Art Gallery, then Nelson Mandela Bridge, then Museum Africa in a part of town called Newtown, then right into the heart of Downtown Jo’burg. So as you can see a busy day.

    So what’s downtown Jo’burg like you must be wondering? I was surprised as I’d heard nothing but bad things about the place. It seemed the same as any other CBD I’ve been in. It’s sad that you can’t walk around there, but from what I saw, if you were to walk around there with a friend at 2pm on a weekday afternoon, you’d be fine. Just keep your wits about you, stay to the main streets and nothing would happen.


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    Adam said on 17/10/2010 at 11:49pm

    Thanks for your blog. I will be there in Feb and wanted to walk around the city for my 1 day I had but was nervous from what I heard. I feel more confident now. Adam

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