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  1. Exploring Melbourne’s CBD (Central Business District)

    posted by Colm Hanratty | 0 Comments

    Exploring Melbourne’s CBD (Central Business District)


    In Ireland we call them ‘city centres’, over stateside it’s ‘downtown’, and here the most central part of the city is the ‘CBD’ (Central Business District). Today I explored Melbourne’s, shooting footage for the upcoming video “10 things you need to know about Melbourne”.

    Thankfully, the hostel I’m staying in is located in the middle of the CBD. Melbourne Central YHA is on Flinders St, less than five minutes from the main bus station on Spencer St and less than ten from Flinders St Station, arguably Melbourne’s best-known landmark.

    Melbourne’s CBD is a beautiful part of the world. There’s a lovely pace to life here, which is largely due to trams. They pass by at a leisurely pace, taking their passengers to their desired locations. It’s home to beautiful architecture too, and a host of alleys and laneways.

    On the southern tip of the CBD is the River Yarra. If you’re looking to get some nice photos of the skyline this is a great place to get them, particularly from the Southgate development. And of course if you like shopping, then look for the Bourke St Mall.

    This is my third time in Melbourne, and I think I’m liking it more and more each time.

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