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  1. Exploring Split’s top attraction, Diocletian’s Palace

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    Exploring Split’s top attraction, Diocletian’s Palace


    I set off early from Old Town Hostel Split this morning to have some food at St Burek on Domaldova. At this small eatery, they serve up delicious ‘burek’, which is a local speciality.

    It’s made from a kind of filo pasty which is filled with meat or cheese. I had the cheese burek, which came with a drink for a mere 20 kuna. If you’re coming to Split, you really have to try this as it is both filling and delicious! Perfect for breakfast or lunch I’d say, especially if you’re heading off to explore the city for the day.

    After I’d eaten I made my way to Riva, the city’s promenade to record one of our Hostelworld.com podcasts with Vedran Matosic, the Managing Director of the Tourist Board of Split. Vedran told me all about what not to miss here in Split and you’ll be able to hear if for yourself on Hostelworld.com soon.

    When I’d recorded the podcast, I decided to spend some time exploring the top attraction in Split, Diocletian’s Palace. Construction on the palace began back in the year 293. Today, it’s not a cordoned off monument and people still live in and around the remains of the palace which I think is really amazing. You can see the remains of the palace incorporated into so many buildings, which I think is great.

    Once I’d finished wandering the streets, I took a stroll through Diocletian’s Cellars, which is a market housed in these basement halls of the palace. It’s free to visit this part and along the way you’ll see a number of stalls selling beautiful local hand crafts from jewellery to pottery.

    To see more of the basement halls there’s a small fee of just 25 kuna. For your money you’ll get to see a veritable labyrinth of interconnecting rooms, interesting stonework, a bust of the Roman Emperor, Diocletian himself, and lots more!

    After that, it was time for lunch.

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