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  1. Famous people stay in hostels (or campsites in this case) too!

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    Mika Hakkinen, the ex-Forumla One Driver from Finland, has been spotted at a campsite in Italy with his family!

    One time champion of the elusive Formula One championship (he won it in 1998 and again in 1999) recently stayed at Plus Camping Jolly located on the outskirts of Venice. While he didn't actually stay in one of the campsite's own cabins, Mika and his familiy instead stayed in his very own 13-metre long mobile home.

    Mika stayed at the campsite for a couple of days and staff said he was very friendly and making jokes with them all the time (here he is at the campsite).

    While he may not be driving his speedy motor any more, and earning lots of money, we reckon he still has some money from his earnings resting in the bank. So who says hostels and campsites are strictly for budget travellers?

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