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  1. Fancy two free guides to some of Britain's best walks?

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    Fancy two free guides to some of Britain's best walks?


    Something I end up doing everywhere I go is walking. Whether it be on a trail to Machu Picchu or from block to block in Manhattan, I always end up doing lots of it when on the road. This isn’t a bad thing of course – you get to see much more this way than by using public transport. Some of my favourite walks are in the UK and in this weekend’s Telegraph newspapers (23rd and 24th July) there are two free supplements outlining fifty of the best ones.

    Naturally, I haven’t been lucky enough to embark on all of them. But I was happy to see one in the list (we got a sneak preview here) which I covered. Whether it’s a coincidence that it’s only 5 miles long and classed as ‘easy’ I’ll leave for you to decide. But the walk in question is called the Gresham Norfolk walk not far from Norwich in England’s East Midlands.

    I was in Norwich with relations at the time and they decided that I should see some of the East Anglican countryside when I was there. Not one to argue, I agreed and off we went. We began the walk at the entrance to Gresham Village. A large carved grasshopper sits on top of the sign, commemorating a local legend. I enquired about the tale but was told there are too many variations to go into.

    Onward from here we took lots of turns down lanes, paths and tracks before arriving at the remains of Gresham Castle. At first there’s not a whole lot to see – just a group of trees. But they conceal the remains which are only one to three metres high today. Other highlights along the route included an old halls, farmhouses and churches before returning to the village.

    While it wasn’t the most arduous of walks, it was one I enjoyed and has given me a taste for more. Thanks to the free ‘50 Great British Walks’ supplement in this weekend’s Daily Telegraph, I’ve now got 49 more to choose from. If you live in the UK, or happen to be there this weekend, make sure to pick up a copy. The guides are 52-pages long, have detailed maps and directions and more, meaning a copy of either of this weekend's paper is a good investment.

    For more information check out www.telegraph.co.uk/promotions.

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