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  1. Festival Fever competition – the answers so far

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    Festival Fever competition – the answers so far


    Right this very minute, we are running a competition where you and a friend could win one of three ultimate European music festival experiences. This includes tickets with camping and hostel accommodation before and after the gig. To enter, all you have to do is tell us ‘What is your number one travel essential when attending a festival?’

    We’ve received a wide array of answers so far. These range from those that we expected, to those we hadn't quite predicted.

    What were the ones we were expecting? They include a camera, water, wipes, sunscreen, sunglasses, a tent (obviously!), beer and money. But what were the ones we weren’t? These include:

    - A garbage bag. You can wear it, sit on it, sleep in it, shelter under it, and..er..put garbage in it
    - A tall man who can lift me high to see the stages!!
    - Chest hair
    - A bandana! You never know when you're going to need a flag, a hairtye, a make-shift bag, or a smoke/dust mask.
    - A giant moustache

    Why you might need a giant moustache at one of Europe’s top festivals is beyond me. But hey – we asked and you answered.

    If you haven’t entered our competition just yet don’t fret – it’s still open and will remain so until until 9.00am GMT 13th May 2011. So if you haven’t yet entered, now is the time to do it.

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