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  1. First podcast from Bath now live!

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    First podcast from Bath now live!


    While I was in Bath I recorded podcast interviews at three of Bath’s top attractions. You can now listen to these in our ‘Only in Bath...’ podcast. This is our first Bath podcast and it focuses on three of the unique attractions you’ll only find in Bath.

    The first interview I recorded when I arrived in Bath was at Sally Lunn’s, the oldest house in Bath and one of the city’s most popular eateries. It’s here you can try the famous ‘Sally Lunn bun’, which I did before I spoke with Julian Abraham, owner of Sally Lunn’s. Julian told me all about the Sally Lunn bun and why the house is such a popular spot with visitors to the city.

    At the Roman Baths, I spoke with Patricia Dunlop, the Commercial Manager at the Roman Baths. We recorded the interview while sitting right beside the Great Bath at the heart of the Roman Baths, which was brilliant. During the interview, I learned all about the history of the Baths, found out just how warm the water here is, and plenty more.

    Then, on my last full day in Bath, it was down to the Jane Austen Centre where I met General Manager, Donna Lodge. Donna filled me in on who Jane Austen was, why she’s so important to Bath and what you can see at the Jane Austen Centre today.

    It was great to speak to all these people about some of Bath’s unique attractions. If you’d like to learn more about the Roman Baths, Sally Lunn’s and the Jane Austen Centre make sure to check out our Bath podcast.

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