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  1. Five reasons to visit Perth

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    Five reasons to visit Perth


    Our latest guest blogger is Brooke Schoenman, creator of popular travel blog Brooke vs. the World. A world traveller and now a Australian expat, Brooke has travelled for extended periods to such places as Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Spain and Guatemala. Follow along on her journeys via her blog, Facebook or Twitter.

    Having just returned from an epic trip to Perth, please let me take a few moments not only to brag about that experience, but also to inform you of why a trip to the far side of Australia is warranted.

    True, Perth doesn’t get as many travellers as other Australian cities, be it because of time constraints or because the transport prices don't fit budgets. But if you happen to take it under further scrutiny, a trip to Perth can provide for an unforgettable experience, and here's why...

    1) The sunsets are gorgeous
    I had heard about the beautiful colours that come from the sunsets over the Indian Ocean, but seeing is believing. I made sure to take time each night to watch dusk take over the sky – from Perth city, from Fremantle and from Cottesloe Beach – and each night I was happy to see the sky painted in purples, pinks and oranges. Breathtaking.

    2) The weather is warmer in Perth
    When you're starting to feel the chill over in Sydney as winter is approaching, there's a good chance that Perth is still quite a bit warmer. That means there is more time to hang out at the beach, enjoy ‘barbies’ (barbecues to those of you who haven’t had the privilege of visiting Australia yet), and just enjoy being outdoors when you're over on that side of the country. Of course, the summer months have a tendency to be on the sweltering side, but that is what the beaches are for, right?

    3) The quirky little animals need to be seen
    If you've never heard of a quokka, head over for a day to Rottnest Island. These little marsupials are all over the island, and they are pretty darn cute if I do say so myself. Besides the quokka, there are dolphins down by Rockingham and whale sharks way up by Exmouth (a bit farther away, but well worth the trip).

    4) The natural attractions are pure eye candy
    Whether going to see quokkas or not, a trip to Perth's Rottnest Island is definitely in order. If you dream of white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, a sense of seclusion and a lack of infrastructure, it is a must-see. Aside from Rottnest, try to also check out Swan Valley. It provides the perfect backdrop for a day of wine tasting. While its beaches, with those amazing sunsets, are an underrated Australia asset.

    5) The journey there is half the fun
    If you’re travelling to Perth from the east coast of Australia, you can always fly, but where is the fun in that? If you want a real journey to Perth why not drive, or just take the 3-day Indian Pacific train across the Nullarbor Plain? By going this way, you'll see parts of this beautiful country that many people never will.

    So next time you find yourself Down Under, don't put off the idea of getting out to Perth. These are just five of the reasons why a trip to this Western Australia capital city is a must, but you can get out there and experience these and so many more.

    Image © KenHodge13

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