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  1. Flour Bakery and Café - a delicious Boston secret

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    Flour Bakery and Café - a delicious Boston secret


    Our newest guest blogger is Boston-native Kate McCulley, editor of travel blog Adventurous Kate. Kate lives for adventures, and to say she is crazy about travel is an understatment. Although she has traveled all over the globe, she has a soft spot for Las Vegas and her hometown also. Obviously. You can follow Kate's adventures via her Twitter page @adventurouskate and by 'liking' the Adventurous Kate facebook page. In this post, Kate tells us of one her favourite cafes in Boston which has been a hidden secret, until now...

    It's Saturday morning in the South End, and I'm in one of the neighbouhood's most popular cafés surrounded by a microcosm of Boston - young parents agilely wielding Bugaboo strollers; painfully attractive gay couples seemingly plucked from an Abercrombie catalog; plaid-covered hipsters traipsing over from the music colleges. Some very lucky tourists, their eyes alight, have just arrived. They clearly found about this hidden secret on a tip from a local, since few guidebooks would tell them to do so.

    Such is the typical scene at Flour Bakery and Café. The South End mainstay - with offshoots in Fort Point and Cambridge’s Central Square - is a neighborhood hotspot that defies convention. It's owned by a celebrity chef, Boston's Joanne Chang, and sits atop critics' top lists amongst Boston's finest restaurants. Despite those facts, Flour has remained surprisingly pretension-free. Prices are reasonable, the menu is sensitive to those with food allergies, and the staff is one of the friendliest in town.

    While waiting in line and perusing the menu, I know one thing: if there are no homemade Oreos left, there will be hell to pay. One of Flour's most popular offerings, the Oreo starts with the unmistakable flavors of the original - only richer, creamier and the size of your fist.

    Pastries and homemade raspberry seltzer in hand, I grab a seat at one of the communal tables, chatting up a law student who just returned from a trip to Ecuador. Despite the crowds and lines, the patrons here are cheerful. Thank the smiling staff for that - an anomaly in a city like Boston, where chilly attitudes mirror the frosty weather.

    So, why don't tourists come to this fabulous bakery? Perhaps it's the distance – the South End location, in the trendy SoWa area, is a good twenty-minute walk from touristy Copley Square; the others are lengthy walks from the tourist trail. But if you're willing to get off the beaten path, you'll find a lovely slice of local life – and that's what makes Flour a delicious Boston secret.

    Flour Bakery and Café (www.flourbakery.com)
    - South End: 1595 Washington St., Boston, MA
    - Fort Point Channel: 12 Farnsworth St., Boston, MA
    - Central Square: 190 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA

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