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  1. Food and drink – always a good mix

    posted by Colm Hanratty | 0 Comments

    Food and drink – always a good mix


    The great thing about Florida Road where I’m staying is the choice of restaurants and bars. This is seen as the liveliest (and safest) street in Durban and there are lots to choose from.

    Last night I opted to go for a restaurant called Taco Zulu. It does Mexican food as you should be able to tell. It was nice. Was served by a guy from LA called Zane. He was friendly. Said ‘dude’ an awful lot, but don’t all people from LA?

    Anyway, food there is reasonable, as it was nice, so if you’re planning on eating out in Durban it’s a good option.

    After that I checked out a couple of bars. The first of these was The Filler Bar. It’s a relaxed place with lots of screens. Good for chilling out with friends and watching sporting events. The other was Cubana. Their bar on Florida Rd is one of many around South Africa. Last night there was an older crowd there. But I’ve been assured it’s the place to be at the weekends.

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